Is there a suggested orientation for the Chainless Pedaling System?

Yes, there is ! The CIXI logo should always be at the right side of the riding direction, but the rotation of it can be modified with no restrictions.

Is it possible to cover the Chainless Pedaling System?

It doesn’t need any covering casing but it could have one for better integration to the vehicle's design and it would require validation from our team. Cooling needs to be considered. 

Can the Chainless Pedaling System and its components be modified?

No, it cannot. The Chainless Pedaling System and its components should not be modified in any circumstances.

Is it possible to paint it?

Yes, it is. We can offer different options for colors and finishes.

Can the Chainless Pedaling System be integrated in other types of bikes or vehicles?

Yes, it can. Our Chainless System allows different architectures of bikes or vehicles as it only requires cables to transmit the information. It gives then the opportunity to integrate our pedaling technology in almost any bikes or vehicle with a motor.

What type of fixation does the Chainless Pedaling System require?

It only requires 4 screws that will fix the Chainless System to the interface part.

Is it waterproof?

It is water-resistant but not waterproof, meaning it cannot be submerged in water.

Is it possible to use different crank arms and pedals?

Yes, it is; as long as they are ISIS-compatible and the shape of the crank arm is not colliding with the PERS

Is it possible to use any type of propulsion motor?

If you want to use a different propulsion motor, it must be approved by our team. You can contact our technical team by sending an email to PERS-help-center@cixi.life

When will the Chainless Pedaling System design be frozen?

The goal is to freeze the global design during autumn 2023.

From this date, only minor changes will occur.

Is it possible to engrave other brands' logotypes or graphic elements in the Chainless Pedaling System?

No, it's not. The Chainless System is a CIXI product and can only be branded by CIXI.