The heart of our technology,available in this Developer Kit

The Chainless Pedaling System has been designed to be flexible and versatile when integrating it, enabling the possibility of creating new vehicles with a wide range of geometries due to the lack of mechanical transmission. 

When designing new vehicles, it can be placed in different positions as long as it respects the comfortable positions for pedaling, going from recumbent bike position to a more traditional-bike one.

It is possible to rotate the Chainless System from the pedaling axle in any direction that could align better to your design but always keeping the CIXI logo at the left. 

The Chainless Pedaling System is currently under development and will partially change, including advanced functionalities in connectivity, compatibility, and efficiency.

*Optics and brakes are not included in the Developer Kit

As in any other system, an interface will be required to assemble the Chainless Pedaling System to the vehicle. You will find it in the 3D file included with the Creators Pack.

Take in consideration that the cabinet part included in the 3D file is just a guide that you can modify according to your design, you will only need to respect the position of the holes for the screws, and the tolerances between the inner walls of the interface and the Chainless System.  

This is a different version from the final product, still capable to prototype an amazing pedaling experience.

To access advanced technical information about the Developer kit and the components of our Chainless Pedaling System, apply first.

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